Claes Ohlsson measures the acoustics in the studio

Published: 2022-02-10

Moments of truth

The demands of the studio environment are great and traditional products and building solutions are often not enough. That's why Claes Ohlsson was called in before the first sod was turned, so that the final product would be as optimal as possible for our purpose.

Yesterday the last measurement was made after more than a year of construction.
Sinusoidal signals are sent out through the loudspeakers with a sweeping frequency from 0Hz to 25 000Hz which is captured by a microphone and further entered into a special data program.
Afterwards all possible data such as room sound, speech output, sound range etc. are evaluated.

After summing up all the data, Claes concluded that the result was above expectations.
No corrections needed to be made and the "overall" rating was 10 out of 10.

BIG THANKS Claes for your knowledge and commitment to this project!

Claes Ohlsson, who runs Eora Sound Technology, has designed more than 50 studio spaces across the country, with clients large and small. Some of these are Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and TV4.

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